Nancy Smith

My home has always been in rural Perthshire and I consider it a great privilege and pleasure to have the wonders of the countryside right on my doorstep. I can’t remember life before stitching. Some of my earliest memories involve my Mother working at various crafts or sitting at her Singer sewing machine. She always seemed to have time for my ‘help’. I was a member of the SWRI for several years during the ’80s and the discipline of their competitions may have drawn my attention to the importance of detail. Sometime in the ’90s I visited The Scottish Quilt Championships when they were held in Perth and decided the time was right for a change. Since then I have attended many classes in search of new skills and techniques and in 2010 completed my first Creative Journey with Pat Archibald. I am grateful to Pat for pointing me in another new direction. At the moment using thread to create surface detail is probably my favourite thing but who knows what tomorrow will bring? I am still searching for my own style … … !

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